Youths of Jammu and Kashmir have much more talent than any other parts of the country

Ieram Sheeri

SRINAGAR;-Renu Bakshi is the Chairman Paras International, a Delhi based multinational Human Resources company said industrialization is the key to state’s economic development.
“State government has been working very proactively for the industrial development of the state and Jammu & Kashmir has immense potential in Horticulture, Tourism and Hydropower sector,” she said
She said Government is also seeking investments in micro hydel projects as well as solar panel manufacturing.
 “Hydro power generation is key to achieve economic goals and generate employment and business activities for youth particularly in far-off villages and remote areas,”  she added
Bashir said that ill-conceived decisions on GST and demonetization, have choked avenues of employment and growth by adversely affecting industries and related sectors.
“ The youths of Jammu and Kashmir have much more talent than any other parts of the country,” she added
She said United Nation Development Programme has warned that India need to generate 28 Crore jobs before 2050 to absorb all the new entrants into the work force.
“No Govt. in this world can sustain a jobless growth for a long period of time. The State of J&K being way behind as the absence of Industrial Platform, leaves little chance of generation of jobs,” she said
Jammu and Kashmir is highly dependent on outside supplies of not only material but men also. Our State is the net purchaser of items worth almost 60,000 Crores a year.


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