Your Aadhaar gets deactivated if you do this

Aadhaar Card has become the mandatory Identity for Indians. Many of the services are easily given with this identity proof. Aadhaar card is used as primary identity for many of the government linked schemes. It has to be linked to get subsidies and other benefits from the government.   After so many objections filed by the common man, Supreme court has given some relief to the Aadhaar card holders regarding linking Aadhaar to Sim card and Bank services.   It is not mandatory for any person to link Aadhaar card to bank or sim card services. So people can have a choice to give their details or they don’t.   But according to the latest update, it is very much need to use the Aadhaar card or else it will be de-activated. If you have not used your Aadhaar card for 3 years in other words, if it is not linked to any government service or any other service it will be de-activated.   You can the status of your Aadhaar from the official website of UIDAI and you can activate your Aadhaar if it is de-activated. So you need to use the Aadhaar one or the other way to make it activated or else you have follow the procedure to activate it from the Aadhaar centers.


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