Those waving IS flags are ‘Indian agents’, says top Hizb commander Riyaz Naikoo

Lashes out Mehbooba Mufti for shedding ‘crocodile tears’

Anantnag: Hizbul Mujahideen operational chief Riyaz Naikoo on Sunday lashed out at some people who he said were promoting Islamic State flags for settling their “personal animosity with Kashmir movement at the behest of India”.

Condemning the descreation Jamia Masjid where a masked youth attempted to wave IS flag from the pulpit, the top most wanted Hizb commander described those waving the black flag in Kashmir as “Indian agents”.

“Those who wave Daesh (IS) flags are Indian agents. They want to create an impression UNO is kafir and its decision is not accepted. But those people are real enemies of this struggle and martyrs. They are neither faithful to Kashmiris nor Islam.

“We condemn waving of flags at Jamia Masjid. Masjid is a sacred place. Some individuals for their own vested interests to defame our struggle. It is a conspiracy of India and IS flags are being waved in Kashmir at India’s instance,” Naikoo said in an audiotape released on social media.

According to him, some “innocent youth” are also supporting the flag by seeing Kalima written on the black flag.  “I respect your feelings and I don’t doubt your niyat . But enemy is exploiting your emotions and you are being told it is the only Islamic flag. You might not be aware about the reasons behind it,” he said.

Naikoo known as a strategist who has been dodging the government forces since 2012 and carries a price of Rs 12 lakh, accused the government of India for pushing IS flags to discredit the genuine struggle of people of Kashmir.


“Religious scholars of every school of thought rejected IS because they carried out un-islamic activities. If they reject it, who are the masked people who wave Daesh (IS) flag here? You can guess it yourself?

Naikoo said that after Kashmir gets freedom,  people will decide whether they want to implement Shariyat or democracy.

“Our fight with India is for Azadi and not for Shariyat or Jamhoriyat. UN resolutions don’t say Kashmir should have Jamhoriyat or Khilafat. They say Kashmiris should decide their future. UNO resolutions don’t mean UN will take our decision but it says Kashmiris themselves will decide about their future.

“After Azadi, neither UN or India has right to decide whether we want to implement Islamic laws or Jamhoriyat here. We picked up arms after India failed to fulfil its promises. If UN tells us Kashmir’s future will be decided peoples aspirations, we have no objections. Because we know peoples decision will be in favour Islam,” said the 33-year-old commander former mathematics teacher.

Naikoo said that since 2016 uprising, the government of India is facing pressure from international community and that is why, “India wants to link our struggle with Daesh and that is why IS flags are being waved here”.

“We know who are deliberately waving IS flag. They want to create sectarian divide in our movement,” he added.

Without naming anyone, he said when such people find opportunity they took away “some of our ‘sincere colleagues on the basis of sectarianism”.

Questioning their motives, he said “let they wave IS flag at  at civil secreteriat. If you want do gunda gardi, do it at army camp and unmask your face”.

“And some people will say how they are Indian agents but I am saying enemy is exploiting you,” he added.

In the same audiotape, Naikoo launched scathing attack on former Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti for shedding “crocodile tears” at the homes of some militants and “justifying even civilian killings” while she was in power.

Mufti has, in recent days, visited the homes of few active and slain militants in south Kashmir and had warned the government against harassing the families if militants.

Naikoo, criticised the former chief minister saying, “Late Mehbooba Mufti has started a new drama. I am calling her late because the person with a dead conscience is as good as being actually dead”.

He attacked Mehbooba for visiting the houses of militants and saying that the police were getting directions from somewhere for harassing the families of militants.

“She is shedding crocodile tears. Militant families were harassed during her tenure as well. Where did the police get the directions from back then?” Naikoo asked.

He said that during her tenure Mehbooba used to justify civilian and militant killings to appease her bosses in India and the BJP.

“Back then she used to justify civilian killings by asking if the kids had gone to buy toffees from the army camps. Back then she used to ask is police and army had kept weapons only for exhibition,” Naikoo said, “Now that she is out of power she is saying police is getting directions from somewhere,”

Naikoo, in his audio message, used an anecdote about a dog in his village-which used to refrain from trespassing any house, whose inmate he would have bitten.

“The dog had the shame to at least acknowledge what it did was wrong and exhibited it by not venturing near the house of its prey. But Mehbooba has not even that shred of shame. She does not think twice before visiting the families of youth, with whose blood her hands are soaked,” said the top commander of the oldest militant outfit in Kashmir.

He warned that the people who are facilitating Mehbooba’s visits to houses of militants are known to the militants and will be dealt with accordingly.

Naikoo appealed to the families of militants to not allow Mehbooba venture into their homes.

“She is a well wisher of India and can never be our well wisher. Throw her out of your homes. Do not allow her to enter,” Naikoo appealed to the militant families.


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