The gauge reading at 12 am (1200 hrs) 29 June 2018

i. Sangam = 14.75 ft
ii. Ram Munshibagh = 8.83 ft
iii. Asham = 3.41 ft

i. Vishow Nallah at Khudwani = 7.67 m
ii. Rambiyara Nallah at Vachi = 0.77 m
iii. Lidder Nallah at Batkoot = 1.71 m

“In view of precipitation, forecast & rise in water levels the habitations residing along TRIBUTARIES (Nallahs) of SOUTH KASHMIR especially Vishow Nallah, Lidder Nallah are advised to remain vigilant during day & also night today to avoid any sudden flood damages,” says Irrigation and Flood Control Department – IFC, Kashmir.

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