Shah Faesal not joining any political party ‘soon’, says his resignation an act of defiance against Delhi

Days after his resignation from IAS, Shah Faesal on Friday said that he was not joining any political party ‘soon’, saying he will meet with stakeholders and the youngsters before taking the plunge.

Addressing his maiden press conference in Srinagar, Faesal said he will try to build a consensus and try to reach out to the youth of the state before taking any decision on joining politics.

“I will listen to the youngsters and meet the stakeholders,” he said, adding that he would be very happy to fight the upcoming assembly and parliamentary polls.

On his resignation, Faesal said that it was a “small act of defiance” to remind central government of its duties towards Kashmiris.

“I am protesting against lack of credible political initiative by the central Govt. It is important that right to life of Kashmiri people is respected,” he said.


On Hurriyat, he said: “I am a man from the system and I would be happy to change things by being in the system. Hurriyat doesn’t give me that opportunity as they don’t believe in electoral politics,” he said.

Faesal also expressed his discontent over the rise of Hindutva forces and undermining of institutions like the CBI.

The 2009 IAS topper said that it was time to reimagine politics in Kashmir. He also hit out at the forces whom he said were pitting one region of the state against another.

Ruling out any offer from the National Conference, Faesal said that Omar Abdullah has been “very kind to him”.

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