Serpentine queues at petrol pumps in Srinagar, police deployed to mange rush

Authorities on Thursday had to deploy police to manage huge rush at fuel stations which were shut following shortage of the petroleum products during past few days in Srinagar.

Eyewitness said that police has been deployed at various petrol pumps to manage people who swarmed the fuel pumps to fill their vehicles.

People holding cans and others driving their vehicles were seen in long queues at the petrol pumps in Lal Chowk and on the city outskirts.

“I have come at 8 am in the morning and it has been more than two hours, there is no end to the queue I’m waiting in,” said Mushtaq Ahmded, at Habak petrol pump.

“At many places petrol pumps are running short of petrol already as people are filling their vehicles in bulk, apart from this many persons are getting their big cans filled only to sell it in black market later. This is adding to the inconvenience,” he said.


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