Pellet victims protest in Srinagar, demand ban on the ‘lethal’ weapon

Srinagar: Pellet Victims Welfare Trust (PVWT) on Monday held a protest demonstration in Srinagar demanding ban on the use of pellet guns in Kashmir.

Scores of pellets victims from various districts of the valley assembled in press enclave holding placards reading “Pellet Gun Lethal Weapon”, “Ban on pellet gun”, “Stop use of pellet gun”, ” Where is humanity where is UN”, “where is human rights commission”.

Mohammad Ashraf Wani, one of the pellet victims from Pulwama district said that they are demanding the government to ban the pellet gun in the Kashmir valley, so that the next generation will not become the victims of pellets.

He said that the government’s claim that the gun is a non-lethal weapon is a lie. “At least 17 deaths have occurred due to the use of pellet guns,” he said, “How is it a non-lethal weapon.”

-KR Web Desk


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