Owaisi sees ‘more greater repression’ in Kashmir

Hyderabad: Describing as “very unfortunate” the end of the alliance between BJP and PDP in Jammu and Kashmir, AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi Tuesday said it would lead to imposition of governor’s rule and it is a prelude to “more repression”.
“This is a very unfortunate step which will lead to imposition of Governor’s rule. I am of the opinion that this is a prelude to more greater repression,” he told reporters here.
PDP and BJP had an agenda of alliance but no step was taken to implement it, the Hyderabad MP charged.
“BJP, as a partner in government, made no serious attempt for a dialogue either by indicating a bare outline of their agenda. Though they had an agenda of alliance which both the parties agreed to, not a single step was taken to fulfil what was promised in their agenda of alliance,” he said.
Owaisi said he felt sorry for the people of Kashmir and not for PDP which “brought upon this great political disaster for itself”.
“The PDP said and the BJP also agreed that this is an alliance between north pole and south pole. The people of the nation wants to know what happened to this so-called meeting of north pole and south pole,” he said.
Coming down heavily on the BJP, he said it cannot run away from ‘failure’ to provide governance and stopping cross-border terrorism and attacks on army camps. Owaisi said he felt BJP took the decision to pull out of the coalition as the party knew it was losing ground in Jammu.
Replying to a query on ceasefire, he said BJP would have to explain to the people why it was announced in a hurry and called off.
Asked whether he stood with the government on the issue of ceasefire and whether it should be extended, the MP said he was with the people of the country and Kashmir.
He also said BJP cannot blame the PDP for alleged non-performance.
“His (BJP general secretary Ram Madhav) own party ministers and deputy CM were there. BJP cannot hide behind or cannot put forward this cowardly defence that our partner was not listening to us…,” he said.
On Madhav’s reported comments that his party was forced to pull out of the coalition because internal security was being compromised, Owaisi claimed the “BJP is running away” as all operations were conducted with the consent of the Centre.
Describing the recent killing of journalist ShujaatBukhari as a “monumental tragedy”, he said it was being “exploited to fulfil a policy which was started two years ago”.(PTI)


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