Omar criticises Deepika Rajawat over ‘snide’ remark about Kathua victim’s parents ‘genes’

Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah on Friday criticised Deepika Singh Rajawat for her ‘snide’ remark about the genes of Kathua gangrape-and-murder victim’s parents.

Omar took to microblogging website Twitter after the former counsel for the parents of Kathua gangrape-and-murder victim blamed human tendency and genes for dropping her from the case. 


“You had me on your side until you slipped in the snide remark about the genes,” said Omar.

The father of the eight-year-old girl victim moved an application in the Pathankot court on Wednesday to remove the family’s advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat from the case.

The father said he wanted to withdraw Rajawat’s power of attorney because of her “apprehension and non-appearance” in the case. “More than 110 hearings in the case have taken place and more than 100 witnesses have been examined,” his counsel Mubeen Farooqi was quoted as saying in a report. 

Rajawat had earlier taken to Twitter to express her displeasure after the parents of Kathua victim dropped her from the case.

“I was there with them when no one was. Now since the rainy days have passed, they are winding up with me just because I could not regularly attend the trial which is taken care of by senior criminal lawyers. I don’t blame them. it is the human tendency which travels in genes,” Rajwat wrote on Twitter. 

The gene remark of Rajawat didn’t go well with Twitterati, who hit out at her soon after her tweet.

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