Omar Abdullah clears air over goverment formation, Says fake vidoes being circulated to unsettle NC Cadres

Srinagar, September 09: Taking on to the mirco blogging website Twitter Omar Abdullah said that “I understand some old news videos from 2014 are doing the rounds trying to suggest that NC is going to support a BJP lead Govt in J&K. Let me make it very clear – this IS NOT happening. This WILL NOT happen. This is some psy-ops plan designed to unsettle the JKNC cadres”.

In another tweet he said that “Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother with such stuff but it seems the videos are being used to unsettle/scare some of my grassroot level workers & so I’d rather nip this mischievous piece of fake news of @JKNC_ supporting a BJP CM in the bud right here & now”, he added.(GNS)


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