No shutdown call by Bank Employees Federation on Monday’

Srinagar, Jun 08 : The Federation of Jammu and Kashmir Bank Employees have refuted to have given any shutdown call on Monday over the removal of the Bank chairman.

“We have not given any shutdown call which is being spread on social media,” Federation president Tasaduq Madni told Kashmir News Service (KNS).

Madni said that employees of the bank are not “person specific and we deal with Chair.”
“The new chairman is within the bank family. We are not person specific. Whosoever occupies the chair, we have to deal with chairman ,” he said, adding the employees federation has convened a meeting tomorrow and will address the media in the afternoon.

He said that earlier some chairmen were removed in more dramatic ways that the recent chairman.

“Raid has not been taken in a good taste, but if there are complaints against any person, the concerned authorities are within their right to investigate them. Because of media, such issues are given more hype,” he said about the raids and the controversy which erupted after the removal of the former chairman Parvez Ahmad Nengroo.

The president said that the government is within its rights to appoint chairman of the bank.


“Some traders have come up with statements (over the residence of the new chairman). If we remember, S D Singh, a non Kashmiri who hailed from South India, was chairman of the Bank. This ‘Jammu Chairman debate’ is frivolous and I think it is creating problems for JK Bank. I assure our depositors that JK Bank is fundamentally very strong and we have got a good human resource which is dedicated to its mission,” he said. (KNS)

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