New features coming soon on WhatsApp: Dark mode to fingerprint support

NEW DEHLI: WhatsApp started testing a couple of features on Android this past week. With some minor updates in the works, WhatsApp has some exciting features like dark mode and fingerprint authentication.   Spotted in the recent beta updates for WhatsApp on Android by WABeta Info, dark mode is finally visible on the app.So far, dark mode has been tested in the Settings menu and profile section of WhatsApp. Dark mode is being tested on WhatsApp for iPhones as well. Android users will also getfingerprint authenticationsoon, afeature WhatsApp rolled out for iPhones this February.     Along with dark mode and fingerprint authentication, WhatsApp is also working on more features.   Here’s a list of the new and upcoming WhatsApp features on Android.   DARK MODE   Dark mode on WhatsApp has been rumoured for quite some time and the company has finally started testing it. Note that dark mode isn’t available for public beta is yet. According to the screenshots shared, WhatsApp uses a dark grey colour for its background. The icons and headings are all visible in WhatsApp’s signature green colour. Sub texts will be shown inwhite colour.   FINGERPRINT AUTHENTICATION   As the name suggests, WhatsApp is testing biometric authentication to lock/unlock the app. Android users will be able to use the fingerprint sensor to open WhatsApp and lock it for security.This feature will be available in Settings > Account > Privacy. Users will have the option to automatically lock WhatsApp after 1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes or immediately.     If WhatsApp doesn’t recognise the fingerprint and there are too many failed attempts, the app will be locked for a few minutes.   CONSECUTIVE VOICE MESSAGES    With this feature users can play consecutive audio messages on WhatsApp. If a user receives multiple audio messages on WhatsApp, it will play consecutively.This feature essentially removes the need to press play for every audio message.This update for voice messages is available in the latest public beta for Android users.   PICTURE IN PICTURE BACKGROUND PLAY   Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode allows users to play YouTube, Instagram videos within WhatsApp. This feature however has some limitations as users cannot continue watching the videos outside the chat. WhatsApp is working on a new update for the videos to play even with the app closed. This will be similar to how PiP mode in Netflix works.  


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