Lambert Lane market shopkeepers ‘threaten’ journalist, hurl invectives, racist comments

Srinagar: The shopkeepers of Lambert Lane market in Srinagar on Wednesday afternoon threatened a journalist after he ojected to the wrong parking of one of the shopkeeper inside the market.

A journalist working with the Kashmir Reader said that he had parked his vehicle inside the Lambert Lane within the designated parking parameters. “After coming back from Press Colony that is just a few meters ahead,” the journalist said that a Swift Dezire was parked behind his vehicle which had also blocked the main entrance of the market.”

After waiting for more than 45 minutes the driver did not turn up, he said, adding that he deflated the tyres of the vehicle.

As the journalist was deflating the tyres, the vehicle owner, a shopkeeper in the market acompanied by other shopkeepers assmebled around the journalista and abused him. “I told them that the shopkeeper had wrongly parked his vehicle at the main entrance of the market, however, they did not listen and instead hurled invectives and racist comments,” the journalist said.

He said that the shopkeepers also threatened him of dire consequences.

-KR Web Desk


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