India instilling evil plots against our children: Lashkar (LET)

Srinagar, Nov 23: Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) chief Mehmood Shah has paid tribute to the militants killed in a gunfight with government forces at Bijbehara on Friday.

A spokesperson of LeT Dr Abdullah Ghaznavi in a statement issued to GNS quoted Shah as paying tributes to outfit’s Abu Zaid Azad Malik Urf DaDa, Abu Hanzala, Firdous Ahmed from Pulwama, Abu al-Qasim Shahid Ahmed from Pulwama, Abu Ayyan Basit from Anantnag, and two others from Hizb-ul-Mujahideen.

“Those who rendered immense sacrifices in the path of freedom are better than those whose hearts have hardened,” Shah said in the statement, adding, “Raising voice against oppression is not an act to be expected from cold-hearted. Allah (SWT) chooses worthy persons for such honourable task.”

“Today, every youth of Jammu valley is against Indian occupation. India’s problems will never decrease. Today if six from us are martyred then time will change and soon twelve from Indian occupational forces will bite the dust,” Let chief said.

He paid tribute to youth and children and advised them to understand the “enemies’ conspiracies”.

“Muslims ruled over the subcontinent for more than 900 years but there is not even a single recorded incident of atrocity against Hindus. There was only one factor that led to the demise of Muslim rule and that act was ignorance from Jihad and prevalence of worldly enjoyment and carelessness,” he said.


Lashkar chief added, “It is heartwrenching to observe that some of our children are falling for Indian conspiracies in the disguise of false culture. There are two major contributing factors that lead to the fall of a nation. One is rendering the youth into addiction and the second is instilling the prevalence of lewdness so as to make extinct the honour and values of the nation. India is instilling such evil plots against our children.”

Mehmood Shah advised the parents to take special care of their children and to have them married on time.

He requested people to seek forgiveness from Allah for their sins and to pray for the victory of “freedom fighters against occupational forces”.

“On one side, the youth are rendering immense sacrifices while at the same time, some are linear towards sinful acts, this is unacceptable,” LeT chief said. (GNS)

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