How to remove pimple marks from face naturally?

Many of youths have pimples and pimple marks. Some have acne blemishes which everyone think as they are irreparable. But   Don’t use too much chemical treatments such as skin blemishes cream and skin lightening cream.   Drink water atleast 3-4 lites per day. Drink filtered water. Because cleaning internally help to cure pimples and acne blemishes very effectively.   Don’t touch soon with your hands and don’t allow others to touch your face. It causes infection and other skin related problems.   Use moisturizers which helps your skin to hold moisture and don’t let your skin to dry out quickly. Keeping skin wet doesn’t mean to have oily content on your skin.   Clean your face with your handkerchief or fresh towel to ensure there is no oily content on your skin. Don’t use hands to clean oil on your face.   Don’t use excessive creams and gels just to look fair because in long run, it will affect your skin.   Don’t test any facial creams and gels on your face. Because your skin cells will get adjusted to your existing creams, gels and environmental. Changing any of these will affect your skin in the long run.   Don’t over expose your skin too much to sunlight. Many harsh radiations in the sun light will deeply penetrate through the skin and damage the skin cells.   Try using sun screens before going out of your home. Don’t apply any other creams and gels above the sun screens.   Follow these steps as routine in your life to keep your skin more healthier and acne free. Don’t miss any of these steps and include these steps in your life as restrictions in your life to keep your skin and health in good condition.


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