How to remove darkspots and get fair skin in just one week

INGRIDIENTS   1. Alovera gel   2. Vitamin E capsule ( evion 400)   3. Oilve oil   How to apply this remedy   First wash your face with luke warm water to clean all the dirt from your face . Then take a bowl and add one tablespoon of alovera gel,one tablespoon of olive oil and gel of two Vitamin E capsule. Mix them properly and apply in your face . Wash your face after 45 minutes. Use this remedy regularly for one week to see the best result.You should not eat Vitamin E capsule without consulting doctor.   BENEFITS OF INGREDIENTS USED   1. Alovera gel- removes pimples,acne and darkspots.Gives natural glow to skin. Makes skin soft.   2.Olive oil- improves skin complexion. Makes skin glowing.   3. Vitamin E – keeps the skin healthy and glowing. Removes wrinkles,darkspots and dark circles.


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