Homemade Remedies to Cure ‘knee pain’

Cinnamon powder- 1/2 tsp   Water-1 cup   Almond- 1 tsp   Oats-1 cup   Honey-1 tsp   Lemon-1 tsp   Pineapple piece-3 cup   Orange-1 cup   Take a pan,add cinnamon powder,water,almond,lemon,oats,honey,pineapple piece and orange.Boiled it for 10 minutes then strain it.Drink this juice. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR   Apple cider vinegar-1 tsp   Water-1 cup   Take a cup of water and add apple cider vinegar.Mix them and drink this mixture slowly through it each day for a whole week.   Ginger-1 tsp   Carrot-1 tsp   sugar-1 tsp   Take a bowl,add carrot,ginger and sugar.Mix it well.Consume it 2 time a day for at least a week. LEMON AND BANANA   Lemon-1 tsp   Banana -2 tsp   salt-1/2 tsp   Brown sugar-1 tsp Take a bowl,add lemon,banana and salt.Mix it well.Drink this juice.


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