First Hajj flight from Srinagar will be on July 14

Srinagar: The Haj Committee of India has released the Haj flight schedule 2018 of all outbound and inbound flights from Shaikh-ul-Alam International Airport, also known as Srinagar International Airport, on the Haj Committee of India website.

According to the Haj flight schedule uploaded on the Haj Committee website, pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir will start embarking from Srinagar International Airport to perform Haj 2017 by Air India from July14, 2018 onwards. Hajj pilgrims from Kashmir will be among the first from India along with those from Delhi, Gaya, Guwahati and Lucknow who will embark for Haj from India in 2018.

The first Air India Haj flight from Srinagar International Airport will depart on July 14, 2018 whereas the last flight from Srinagar airport will be July 25, 2018. All outbound Haj flights for Jammu and Kashmir pilgrims will be from Srinagar to Madinah.

The first return and inbound flight of the Haj Pilgrims from Jammu and Kashmir will be August 25, 2018 from Jeddah International Airport, whereas the last flight carrying J&K Haj pilgrims from Jeddah to Srinagar will be on September 07, 2018.

Jammu and Kashmir has been allotted a quota of 9,773 pilgrims as the population of Muslims in the state according to the Haj Committee of India stands at 85,67,485 or 4.97%. However, with additional seats of over 250 given to the state, more than 10,000 pilgrims from Kashmir will perform Haj this year.


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