F8 2019: Facebook launches Project LightSpeed for faster, lighter Messenger app

Ahead of its F8 developer conference 2019, Facebook has announced a new Project LightSpeed under which it will offer a lighter and faster Messenger application..   The app will be less than in 30MB size, making it much smaller than the main app that hovers above 50MB in size. The revamped Messenger will also be fast to open as Facebook claims it will load in less than two seconds, reports VentureBeat.   Note that the update will come to the existing Messenger application. Interestingly enough, Facebook al   Facebook will formally launch the Project LightSpeed at its F8 developer conference. The official blog post has been taken down minutes before the opening keynote.   Facebook is also going to make some other visual changes to the application. For instance, the Messenger app will have a special tab to see updates from a contact they frequently chat with. The section will have photos, Stories and other updates.   Facebook hasn’t yet shared the timeline for the roll-out of new updates. But it’s expected to be available in coming weeks.   The social networking company also introduced a desktop version of its Messenger application for Windows and Mac devices. The Messenger for desktop/web works very similar to WhatsApp Web which just mirrors the content from your phone to the bigger screen.(Hindustan times)


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