Doctors Remove Unborn Baby Girl From Mother’s Womb For Surgery & Then Put It Back In

A mom-to-be underwent a surgery in which surgeons removed her unborn baby from her womb and then put it back inside. In December 2018, 26-year-old Bethan Simpson from UK was 4 and a half months when she was told that her baby had ‘Spina Bifida’.

Bethan in a Facebook post said, ‘We had to do it. We also had to meet some seriously strict criteria. Me and baby went through amniocentesis and MRI and relentless scans. We got approved on the 17th December we planned for surgery. Our lives were such a rollercoaster for the next few weeks.’

On January 8, Bethan and her unborn daughter underwent the surgery and Bethan became the fourth woman in the country to undergo this surgery. Obviously, the surgery comes with a lot of risks but fortunately for the mother and daughter duo, the operation was successful.

After the surgery, Bethan said in her post, ‘We were a success. Her lesion was small, and she smashed surgery like you wouldn’t believe. I’m fragile and sore but as long as she is doing fine that’s all we care about’.

‘Her brain is looking good and her ventricles are normal which luckily hers always have been. They took her out of my womb and popped her straight back in to stay there as long as she can’.

Spina bifida is a condition in which the spinal canal does not close completely in the womb, leaving the spinal cord exposed from an early stage in pregnancy.


To raise awareness about the disease, Bethan is now raising money for SHINE (Spina bifida Hydrocephalus Information Networking and Equality) charity.

-via IndiaTimes

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