Do you have pain in your Eyes?

Now a days people are spending most of there time in front of Smart phones, TV, Computer and other electronics devices for a extended period of time.   This act not only affect the Eye of people but also create mental and physical damage to their body. And without proper protection from the gadgets having screens it can cause many problems in your eyes.   The continuous usage of electronic devices creates eye strain in the eyelids. Some other reason for eye strain are lack of sleep, incorrect vision prescription, not proper blinking of eyes and exposure to very bright light over a period of time can cause eye strain.   The common symptoms are irritation in the eye, difficulty in focusing for a long distance, blurred or double vision, sudden headache and increased sensitivity to light.   The remedies for eye strains are use screen protection in electronic devices which can reduce the bright light. Apply cold water when ever you feel strain in your eyes it will lower the pain. Massage your eyes lightly with your palms till the pain is reduced. All these technique are only for after eye strain but to prevent before happening is totally in our hands.


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