Dish TV Reveals Multi-TV Policy With Just Rs 50 NCF Fee For A Second Connection

Dish TV, one of the most popular DTH operators in the Indian television market, has just revealed a new multi-TV policy to pull in potential customers who need more than one television connections in their house.   This new Dish TV policy comes at the time when the industry is trying to balance out things after the introduction of the new framework for tariffs. It is to offer users more benefits and discounts to ensure that they don’t switch to any other DTH or cable provider.   To begin with the offer details, one must note that the DTH subscriber buys multiple connections under the same name and the same address where the primary TV connection is the “parent connection” and others are “child connections”.     According to TelecomTalk, users who want multiple TV connections can just pay a flat fee of Rs 50 to get a secondary connection. As part of this new Dish TV policy, users can get up to four different connections including the parent connection.   This new Dish TV multi-TV connection policy means that users will be paying the full tariff amount that is required for the parent connection and then for each additional connection, users will just need to pay Rs 50 as the NCF or Network Capacity Fee.   While comparing the policy with other multi-TV connection policies by other DTH providers, Dish TV stands on top as it is only asking for the NCF and it does not depend on the number of channels.   Other DTH providers like Airtel depend on charging the NFC as well as the additional fee that depends on the channels that the user has opted to watch.     The affordability of multiple TV channels is enough for users with large homes or joint families to look at Dish TV as an option if they want to save their money instead of paying redundant charges based on multiple connections.


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