Children will pick guns instead of stones:Lashkar-e-Taiba

Srinagar, Oct 18: Lashkar-e-Taiba militant outfit on Thursday claimed that the day was not far when “children of Jammu Kashmir will pick guns instead of stones against forces.”    

In a statement issued here, Mahmood Shah, Chief Lashkar-e-Taiba Jammu Kashmir, expressed deep concerns on the killing of Raees Ahmed, a resident o Fateh Kadal Srinagar, at the hands of forces. “Indian forces with their oppressive attitude are forcing the youth to pick up gun against oppression,” reads an emailed statement issued by Mahmood Shah here.

“There will be severe consequences if their ill-fated vicious behavior continued. The day will not be far away when the children of Jammu Kashmir will pick guns instead of stones against forces. The circumstances are being developed in this direction,” Shah was quoted as saying by a spokesman  

Shah also claimed that Nadrendra Modi led Government “is spilling the blood of innocent youth to get a marginalized win in 2019 elections.” None can realize the feelings of a mother who has watched the atrocities being imposed upon her children by Indian Forces. But Indian forces must pay the price for their wrongdoings.”

The Let Chief thanked people for attending the funeral prayers of Mehraj-ud-din Bangru and Fahad Mushtaq in large numbers. Bangru and Fahad were killed in a gunfight with government forces at Fateh Kadal Srinagar. “He said that participation of thousands of Kashmiris into the funeral prayers of freedom fighters is enough for the world, the international organizations and India itself to see that Kashmiris have altogether rejected the occupation. And that they are standing in solidarity with freedom fighters,” he added.

Shah also paid tributes to the militant Shoukat Ahmed Bhatt of Padgampora. (GNS)

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