Captured Illusions magazine organized its 10th Open Mic session titled ‘Let me Speak’ at Parsa’s Baramulla

Captured Illusions magazine organized its 10th Open Mic session titled ‘Let me Speak’ at Parsa’s Baramulla on 17 Mar, Sunday. The event was aimed at youth, to provide space and platform to inspiring artists and writers.

Founder Bhat Mumin said “We have been organizing these open mic events to provide platform and exposure to youth, who otherwise find no space to present their art and skills.

“This is our 10th session of #letmespeak breaking stereotypes and giving everyone chance to express and speak freely. Youth from the last 30 years have been pushed to the wall and they have no spaces left to showcase their talent and have a healthy discussion.” Mumim added

We have always believed we have the best talent in the world, and these events have solidified my belief, our state administration needs to appreciate such platforms and facilitate avenues to further the benefits of these events.

“This is specific for the development of individualism and contribution for the better future, he said what adding that It is integration process of culture, society coming together to produce better future and societies.”
Hundreds of participants have benefited from these sessions. These events have been very popular among budding writers, and poets.

‘#Let Me Speak’ event got an overwhelming response from the people of Baramulla many spoke on the event on different topics related to the culture of Kashmir, however, the pressing topic was Kashmiri identity “Kasher zabaan”.


‘#Let Me Speak’ is organized to make public awareness and involve youngsters especially the students and create a responsive traditional and cultural opinion among them to tackle the intrusion in our superior culture of Kashmir.

The event was hosted by the young and dynamic host, Morifa Shah. While scores of youth participated in the 10th session.

“I’m glad to provide my space for such initiatives, as a responsible citizen I understand the value of these events,” said Amir Andrabi, Owner Parsa’s Baramulla “I’m overwhelmed by the talent and artistry I witnessed today and would always lend my support to captured illusions for bringing the youth together to form a better society.”

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