Bharti Airtel Providing Free 4G Wi-Fi Hotspot Device

Keeping the prepaid and postpaid segment aside, Bharti Airtel is focusing on other ventures like 4G Hotspot device and also providing free Wi-Fi to users across the country.   Before the launch of JioFi hotspot device, Airtel and Vodafone used to offer their own hotspot devices at exorbitant prices, but that has changed with JioFi’s launch. As you might al   To tackle Jio and its JioFi devices, Bharti Airtel has revised 4G Hotspot plans and it’s now providing more than 500% data than earlier at the same prices.     It is worth noting that the Airtel 4G hotspot is a device manufactured by the Chinese vendor Huawei and it comes with 1500mAh battery which is slated to give you six hours of battery life.   Also, it is noteworthy that previously Airtel 4G hotspot used to come with many more plan options; however, now they seem to have been discontinued as per the official Airtel website.   Airtel 4G Hotspot Monthly Plans   The Airtel 4G hotspot offers mainly two monthly rental plans. The first plan is of Rs 399 which packages 50GB of data per month after which users get access to unlimited data but at a throttled speed of 80kbps.   The second plan which Airtel offers for its users of the 4G hotspot is the Rs 599 plan which provides 100GB data for the users with 4G speed per month, and after the exhaustion of this limit, the speed is throttled down to 80kbps.   Advance Rental Plans for Airtel 4G Hotspot     Airtel also offers six-month advance rental plans for the users of Airtel 4G hotspot, and the customers will get to enjoy perks like free Airtel 4G hotspot device. The first plan of Rs 399, when bought in advance for six months will set back the buyers by Rs 2,400.   However, the buyers will save Rs 999 as they won’t have to pay for the device upfront. Similar will be the case for the 100GB per month plan which will be available for Rs 3,600 for a six-month subscription period.


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