Basant Rath should not have likened Srinagar mayor to cabbage: Governor Malik

Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik has said former Inspector General of Police Traffic Basant Rath should not have called Srinagar Mayor Junaid Mattu a ‘cabbage’. 

In a freewheeling interview to Greater Kashmir, Malik said Rath’s transfer had nothing to do with his altercation with Mattu and that the officer should not have called the mayor a cabbage. 

“No. The transfer had nothing to do with the spat. But the spat should never have happened in the first place. Being a good officer, he shouldn’t have called the mayor a cabbage,” Malik said. 

“Basant Rath could have told the mayor that he did not agree with him. If he had only done that, it would have been totally fine. But he went a length too far by calling the mayor a cabbage.” 

On Rath’s transfer, the governor said in a government job transfers are inherent while wishing the IPS officer good luck. 


“Transfers are a regular thing. It is not like his transfer happened due to any complaint. He is a good officer. He should utilise his potential. I wish him well,” he said. 

“Some officers do have a tendency to be more interested in publicity than work. But they need to remember that you have to come here to serve the people, to ensure discipline, to maintain law and order, and not project yourself. I am saying this to every officer, not only him,” the Governor said.

The Governor said Rath’s transfer was a normal transfer and not a punishment posting. 

“We will post him somewhere else very soon. No one has any ill-will against him. Neither any officer, nor the department,” he aded.

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