Barkati’s family prepare for another Eid without him

SHOPIAN: Reban (Shopian): Despite a court having quashed PSA detention of Sarjan Barkati, the family is not hopeful of his release as he has been kept behind bars again.
Barkati is in jail since October 1, 2016. His wife, Shabrooza, told Kashmir Reader that the court has quashed his PSA detentions thrice, but despite that he has been kept behind bars in “fabricated cases”.
“He (Barkati) didn’t allow us to avail political and official favors for his release instead told us to remain strong and Allah will end our miseries,” Shabrooza said.
Barkati’s detention has badly affected the life and education of his two children, Sugra and Aazan, who are living a distressed life while as Shabrooza spends hours to comfort them.
Shabrooza said that seven-year-old Aazan spends most of his time on mobile phone, and whenever she tries to snatch it from him, he starts crying and searching for his father.
“Both of my kids always force me to accompany them to their father but it’s not easy to do so. Aazan often wakes in night and cries while missing his father. He is seven year old and being without father is not easy for any child,” she said.
Barkati’s daughter Sugra has written two poems in longing of his father and his condition in jail.
“When my father completed seven months in jail I wrote first poem and after that one more. My love for my father and his inspirations made me to write them. When I miss him, I used to recite these poems and it gives me strength,” Sugra said.
The two children were put in a private school at Zainpora after the expenses of their education were undertaken by one of Barkati’s friends.
“Fathers of our classmates come to school and inquire about the progress of their children. That time I feel lonely and miss my father more or sometimes tears comes out of my eyes,” said Sugra.
When this reporter reached their home at Reban village, Sugra was preparing to leave for Yaripora police station with her maternal uncle to meet his father, who is lodged there after his PSA was quashed by court on May 17.
Shabrooza said that it would be fourth Eid since Barkati left home.
“He had not come home since the killing of Burhan wani, as police was after him who raided our house several times and once ransacked our house and damaged property,” Shabrooza said.
As most parents buy new clothes for children on Eid, Shabrooza laments that her children won’t have the “luxury” of new clothes and toys.
“I hardly am able to make the two ends meet that too with the help of people who assist me with monetary help,” she said while adding that all she wants is release of her husband.
In fighting cases in the court, Shabrooza says, no one came forward to help them.
“Nobody from our village come to us or helped in contesting in cases despite knowing that we don’t have land or business, or asked whether we have food for dinner,” she said.
Barkati became a popular crowd puller in 2016 earning the sobriquet of ‘pied piper’ because of his unique style of sloganeering and fiery speeches. Family sources said that before 2016 he used to write Naats for religious gatherings.



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