Are you too making these mistakes while removing make up!

A lot of women often scrub their skin as a part of removing make-up. If you too are doing the same, it’s time you stop right away as it can harm your skin even before you realise it. When it comes to removing make-up, you need to be very gentle. You skin is fragile and it needs to be dealt with similarly. If you tend to scrub your face aggressively, you might end up stretching your skin, resulting in redness, wrinkles or fine lines.   2. Using Wrong Make-up Remover   Well, as you might al   3. Not Using A Cleanser   How many times have you removed your make-up at night before going to sleep but failed to use a face cleanser right after? We can’t deny the fact that make-up remover helps to remove any traces of make-up from your skin, allowing it to breathe. But, there is always some leftover residue which needs to be cleaned as well – which is what exactly a cleanser does. Using a cleanser after removing make-up helps to remove any leftover make-up residue and cleans your face deeply.     4. Avoiding Your Lips   This is a complete no-no. Just because you are using make-up remover to clean your face, doesn’t mean you can neglect your lips. Although there is no denial that base make-up needs to be cleaned completely, your lips too are a part of your face and deserve equal attention. No matter how tired you are, you always need to ensure that you clean your entire face, including lips, and thereafter apply a moisturising lip balm on your lips to retain its moisture.   5. Only Using Wipes   Are you using just wipes to clean your face and remove make-up? Well, if you are, you need to immediately stop it. It takes more than just wipes to remove make-up from your pretty face. While there is no harm in using make-up wipes, they are alone not sufficient. Also, at times, they can be harsh on your skin. Therefore, it is always best if you take some amount of make-up remover on a cotton pad and gently swipe it across your face to remove make-up.   6. Ignoring Your Eyes   Oh no! Never do this. Never ignore your eyes, especially when you go for a heavy eye make-up as removing it in on go might be a difficult task. Also, you do not want to put much pressure on your eyes, do you? It is always good that you take generous amount of make-up remover and gently massage your eyes with it until all of the make-up is removed.


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