Apply this Twice a Day and Your Teeth will Become as White as Milk

The tooth is an important part of our body and if there is some defect in the teeth, then we have to face a lot of troubles and even when there are worms on the teeth, we still feel the pain.   But in today’s article, we will tell you about such a prescription, which will help you remove the yellowing of the teeth and simultaneously remove the tooth decay.   Use this thing –   First of all, you have to take Aloe vera gel and if you have baking powder in your house then you have to take baking powder too and then mix these two together and add lemon juice to it and then apply it on the teeth.   By doing this you will get a lot of benefits. Your teeth will start to glow again and will become white.   Apply this twice a day and your teeth will become as white as milk, know immediately.   Friends if you liked the information , then please like this post and share it and follow this channel.


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