Altaf Bukhari’s statement on coalition regimes his personal opinion: PDP

Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Tuesday said that the statement of its senior leader Altaf Bukhari on coalition regimes may be reflecting his own personal opinion but it doesn’t represent the party’s position on the subject. 

In a statement issued here, PDP Vice President Abdul Rahman Veeri said that what Bukhari has stated about the coalition politics in Jammu and Kashmir could be his personal opinion and not of the party. “PDP will go into elections with full force and seek mandate from the people. Altaf sahib’s statement on coalition regimes in the state is in no way the party line,” Veeri said. 

He said that whichever party in the state got a “brute” majority during elections in Jammu and Kashmir did the sell-out of the state resources and especially from 1996 to 2002 things like POTA, Task Force, sell out of the power houses, Ikhwan wee witnessed in the state. 

“The reign of terror was unleashed upon the people by the National Conference only because there was no opposition to it. The governments are not about numbers or about coalition or absolute majority, it is about who actually runs the government and the best example is of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed who is the year 2002 with just 16 members changed the discourse of Kashmir and carried along with him the leadership of both the countries,” Veeri said, adding: “numbers have always stung Kashmir.”


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