After unpredictable summer, Met dept sends proposal for three new weather radars for better forecast in Kashmir

Srinagar: Frequent highway closures and sudden weather changes in both winter and summer have resulted in much trouble for people in the Valley this year. To overcome this issue, Jammu and Kashmir’s Meteorology Department, also known as the Met, is planning to install weather radars at three new places so that they can forecast the weather earlier. The department has already identified the three places for installing the additional radars, two of which are to be set up in Jammu region and one in Ladakh region so that weather forecasting can be provided in every district. At present, the Met department has only one radar which was installed at its Rambagh office in 2015 but has not so far been able to serve the entire state. Its weather forecasting is very accurate but is only confined to Srinagar district. Installing the new radars will now make it possible for the various districts to receive weather updates as well. The Met department will focus on now-casting, which means that weather conditions will be known three hours in advance. Director of the Met, J&K, Sonam Lotus told Kashmir Reader, “We depend on the data gathered from advanced technological equipment, including the Doppler Weather Radar and Satellite Meteorology. This helps us in data analysis through graphical information, so that we give accurate information to the people. “With the radars set up, we will be able to make predictions faster and receive quick measurements of weather-related issues. We now know the weather condition in advance and we give the weather detail all over the state,” he added. The installation of the three new radar systems is estimated to cost around Rs 10 crore, Lotus said, while adding that advance forecasts would also ensure safe travel for commuters on the Jammu-Srinagar highway. Met department Deputy Director Dr Mukhtar Ahmad said, “We have sent a proposal to the government. “This has become a necessity in today’s times as we have been facing an erratic weather pattern.” He also said that the latest weather observing instruments are Doppler weather radar, automatic weather stations, seismograph, GPS-based radio sound for measuring the atmosphere’s vertical profile, rain gauges, snow gauges, satellite products etc. Weather radar is used to locate precipitation, calculate its motion and estimate its type (whether it is rain, snow, wind etc)





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