10 fun facts about Google you didn’t know

10. The search giant earns 95% of its revenue from ads and the highest they have earned is $94.4 billion in Ad revenue in 2017 and has a market value of $739 billion.   9. On an average day, there are around 63,000 searches per second. The average individual conducts between 3 and 4 searches per day on Google.   8. The ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button in the Google home page has cost them $110 million yearly due to missed ads revenue.   7. Google is an animal lover. It encourages its staff to bring pets to work.   6. Google receives around 1 million job applications every year out of which only 4000 to 6000 results in hiring.   5. There are around 129 million books in existence and Google has scanned 12 million of it. It intends to scan the rest in the coming decades.   4. In its early stages, Google was called ‘BackRub’ which sounded a bit less catchy.   3. Between 2010 and 2011, Google has bought more than one company per week on average and now owns over 200 companies.   2. Despite the $739 billion market value, Google was nearly sold for $1 million in 1999.   1. The search giant was birthed in a rented garage.


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