J&K News Service is Not a News Agency, Media or Press, J&K News Service is a website that only “Showcases / Displays” the News Published by the Leading Online News Portals of Jammu and Kashmir,  under one place, We accept no responsibility for the accuracy and reliability of the Content Published by these websites as we have no control over the content published by these websites, we only display them under one place and source of the articles is mentioned on every post we showcase /display.


How does J&K News Service work?

J&K News Service’s fully-automated systems monitor all news websites of Jammu and Kashmir for updates, in a similar manner to a search engine.

When J&K News Service finds an update — a new article — its content is automatically analysed to determine to which topic(s) it is relevant. J&K News Service’s proprietary filtering technology uses a combination of keywords, XML feeds and meta data to determine relevancy, Then our automated systems display’s that particular published article/news story from the publishers website and generates own reference link to view that article, our processes are fully automated.


For Publishers:

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