Kashmir’s four largest instagram pages has been blocked in last four days

Junaid Bhat

Kashmir Essence News (KEN): The pages are Wuchbaya(84.4k), beauty of kashmir(70k), Hasley kashmir(54k), people’s of kashmir(42k).

From past few years instagram has been very active in kashmir ,even almost more used than facebook. Also these pages were doing a good business on instagram and but unfortunately these pages are being blocked or hacked from past few days even these pages never violated the terms and conditions of instagram.

When we talked with the owner of Wuchbaya page owner, he told us that he was using this page from last 6 years and getting these large number of followers was a very tough job for me. Also he said that his all business was on this page and blocking this page seemed to be like taking my hands from me. He further added that he now requests Govt. to please look into this matter and bring our instagram accounts back.

When we talked with other pages which are still running, they said we are in tension also. So we request JK govt. To look into this matter and bring the solution as soon as possible and also arrest the culprits.(KEN)