Kashmir consumes 50% of Del Monte’s Green Apple India sales

FieldFresh Foods, a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises & Del Monte Pacific Limited, under its Del Monte brand, is eyeing a significant growth in its revenue coming from the Kashmir region through its beverage portfolio, driven by the consumption of its Green Apple fruit juice. 

Del Monte’ Green Apple fruit drink is immensely popular in the valley contributing to 50 percent of its total beverage sales in the region, a company spokesperson said.

The company is focusing on aggressively expanding its presence in the coming fiscal year while also strengthening its trade relations in the region, he said. 

With Kashmir contributing to over 30 percent to Del Monte’s overall India beverage revenue, the brand is looking forward to increasing its market share in the region significantly and retaining its No.1 position. The company is targeting 60 percent growth in beverage sales in the region in the next year.

Del Monte offers wide range of juices in both popular and exotic flavours such as Four Seasons (mixed fruit juice), Green Apple, Pineapple with bits and Peach to name a prominent few. Apart from the beverage portfolio, the brand has presence across other categories such as packaged fruits and vegetables, sauces and spreads and Italian range. Del Monte works with more than 2500 retailers, 27 direct and indirect distributors and 1 super stockist in Kashmir.