Photo by: Umar Khan

Arshid Dar/New Delhi

The raining of gold medals in sports category is fertilizing the talent of Kashmir more and more both at National and International level as well. In yet another of its kind development Kabra Altaf of Srinagar shined at National Event in 62nd National school games New Delhi where she bagged Gold Medal thus joining the club of young Gold Medalist of Kashmir. In an exclusive interview with Kabra Altaf talks to Arsh Dar. Here are some excerpts of the interview:
My name is Kabra Altaf and I’m from Srinagar, Kashmir.
I’ve come here after being selected in 62nd National school games for which one has to pass several examinations at State Level. My fight was on 4th January where I bagged Gold Medal in 61kg category.
I am practicing Judo since 2011 for next two years I bag no medal but I continue with more dedication amid high ambitions as such I won bronze medal twice in junior nationals in 52 kg weight category in Dehradun and Shilong. Due to some knee injury I can’t make it to Asian Trails, now when I am back after almost 18 months of break I won the gold medal First we have to pass Inter School and Inter Division organized by Youth Services, in both cases winning of gold medals is must to carry on to next level i.e. State level where winning a gold medal leads to National Level.
Though we have a stadium in Srinagar but we lack the coaching faculty; we have only one coach there to train participants, we also face shortage of Mates which leads to injuries to participants. Whereas other states there are clubs in every district even in Jammu there are six coaches.
In sports you get involved in so many exercises therefore being physically well is among major outcomes, we learn the manner of dealing with people and importantly the discipline how to react on different situations and occasions.
Sports is not only about winning medals and getting recruited in Government jobs. The sportsperson who have no medals in credit get at least are physically healthy throughout the life which is undoubtedly an incomparable blessing.
I’m very thankful to my parents who extended a lot of support to me. During the recent turmoil in Kashmir my father used to drop me for practicing early in the morning. There is no limit to their happiness as they know despite injuries how I practiced to reach this level. (END)