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Jammu and Kashmir state in one year received 2, 28, 325 people number of cases against whom arrest warrants were issued. The number of bailable warrants were issued against 25675 number of people while as those found with non- bailable offences were 58124 number of people. Records reveal that non- bailable warrants of the same number were issued against them.

As compared to other Indian states, according to recent report by National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), the Jammu and Kashmir continues to remain among the top ones wherein much larger number of arrests have been made. According to figures issued by the GOI’s home department, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Jharkand and others are behind Jammu and Kashmir interms of the arrests made in one single year of the persons found involved in crimes of various nature.

Records reveal further that summons were issued against 22264 number of people in one single year in Jammu and Kashmir while as under the head of ‘Other Processes’ there are One Lac, twenty two thousand, two hundred and sixty two cases registered. The number of people against whom processes were served are One Lac Ninety Two Thousand and ninety four. The number of cases that are pending in Jammu and Kashmir which have been bundled in the category of Unserved Cases. The number of such cases are 36321.

As far as other Indian states are concerned, Arunachal Pradesh issued 10473 number of warrants in one year while as Goa had 97402 number of such cases registered. Similarly, Jharkand issued 181658 warrants against various offences in one year.

According to earlier findings, in Jammu and Kashmir a total of 22, 24,831 crimes were reported under Indian Penal Code against 21, 21,345 cases in the year 2009. Murder cases during the year 2010 (33,335) went up by 3 per cent as compared to 2009 (32,369).

Meanwhile, the voices of concern are being heard from everywhere in the state in which government’s more pro active role is being pitched t0 put a lid over growing crime rates in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which is already bearing the brunt of political uncertainty since decades.

It is being pitched that the government as well as the non- government agencies need to work seriously to save the future generations from indulging in serious crimes.

It is also being felt that the government here needs to become more proactive, there is need of a joint effort from various institutions of the government, civil society and police to fight social evils and other crimes. RK