Photo by: KD

Jammu, Jan 9, : Government gunman turned politician Usman Majid Monday tried to assault ruling People’s Democratic Party legislator Noor Muhammad when the later accused him of killers of innocent civilians in Kashmir Valley.

     The Legislative Assembly that witnessed uproar and hubbub on Monday virtually turned out to be a ‘fish-market’ when ruling and opposition legislators left no stone-unturned in accusing and assaulting one another. After the brawl between National Conference’s Abdul Majid Larmi and PDP’s Abdul Majid Paddar, the Speaker adjourned the House when Noor Muhammad of PDP and Usman Majid of Congress confronted each other.

     “You are the killer of innocent people. You are directly and indirectly involved in the innocent killings in Sonawari and Bandipora. You butchered 8 family members in Sadarkoot Bala in Bandipora and now you are demanding the probe into the killings. People know each and everything about you. You have no right to speak about human rights and killings in this House,” Noor Muhammad shouted at Usman Majid.

    Usman Majid according to news agency lost his cool and asked Noor Muhammad to apologize. “Either you apologize or I will not allow this House to function. You all are present in this House because of Kukar Parrey,” Majid bounced back and ran towards the treasury bench where Noor Muhammad was sitting. Before Usman could hit Noor Muhammd, the other members intervened and saved Noor Muhammad.  (CNS)