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Srinagar, Jan 08 (KNS): Terming the report of Yashwant Sinha led team as “rational”, Dukhtaran-e-Millat Sunday said that the report submitted by the team is reasonably balanced and should serve as an eye opener for all those who brush off the Kashmir problem as a mere ‘Law and Order problem’.
In a statement issued to KNS, Dukhtaran-e-Millat Secretary General Nahida Nasreen said it is for the first time that an Indian delegation has compiled a “rational” report on the happenings in Kashmir.
“The govt of India led by BJP should shun its stubborn approach and understand that the report has been compiled by their own people. They have themselves described the situation for the civil society, common masses of India and their intelligentsia”
The common man in India and its think tanks should read the report and do a detailed study to understand the Kashmir problem.
The report, Nasreen said, gives a sense that the voices of the people have started reaching somewhere for the people outside Kashmir to understand.
She, however, said that for a solution to the Kashmir issue, there is no need to develop new formulas.
“The solution lies in addressing the aspirations of the people of Kashmir and understanding that the people of Kashmir have rendered sacrifice’s since 1947 when India illegally occupied Kashmir. The UN resolutions have to be the basis of the resolution, which even the Indian rulers of that time had promised.”
She said that hunting for new formulas will deviate the basic problem. “Since people have been sacrifices for the right to self-determination, therefore finding a new formula will mean disrespecting the sacrifices.”
She asked the Indian rulers to give up the stubborn approach and accept the basic problem, ie Indian illegal occupation.
“Then the issue should be resolved by implementing UN resolutions.”
She said that without wasting time, they should understand that its is their own people who came here and talked to a whole lot of people to understand the ground reality.
Talking about the peace in south Asia, Nasreen said, “Kashmiris have been sacrificing since 1947 only for peace. We were occupied and then we strived to end the occupation to attain our rights. We are ruled by an occupier and our future is not secure with india. We want to secure our future. Peace in South Asia is only possible when Kashmir issue is resolved according to the aspirations of People and by Implementing UN resolutions.” (KNS)