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More rains and snow in next 24 hours, Metrological department said that with the respite from dry spell in valley weather is likely to continue till Saturday.
“We are expecting more snow in higher reaches and rains in plains upto Saturday,” weather official said, adding that, “Respite from dry weather conditions especially in Kashmir valley is likely to continue for next 24 hours or more.”
According to the official, the minimum temperature was recorded at 03 degree Celsius below the normal in Srinagar last night.
While the traffic official told that due to slippery and light rainfall Srinagar- Jammu national highway was closed for night vehicular movements and if weather permits the road will remain open tomorrow.
“Srinagar-Jammu road is subject to weather if weather condition improve road will be open for tomorrow,” said SSP traffic Srinagar Fayaz Ahmad Lone.
Meanwhile the Mughal road shall remain closed for all sort of traffic.
Giving the details traffic officials said, there has been intermittent rain and snowfall today at Jawahar Tunnel and other areas of the National Highway. This trend is expected to continue in coming days as well as per the advisory issued by the Meteorological Department. It is quite likely that during night hours, water on NHW freezes due to dip in temperature during night hours as a result vehicles will start skidding and slipping on the road especially near JT leading to accidents.
Under these circumstances plying of traffic on NHW during night hours would not be feasible.
In view of the above tomorrow on 06.01.2017, subject to fair weather and good condition of road, traffic on Jammu -Srinagar National Highway will play both ways with the following restrictions:-
From Jammu (Nagrota), Srinagar bound passenger vehicles will be allowed to move only between 0300 hours to 1400 hours while heavy vehicles will be permitted only between 0330 hours to 1300 hours. However, the movement of oil tankers shall be allowed upto 1400 hours. No Srinagar bound passenger vehicle and oil tanker will be permitted to cross Udhampur (Jekhani Chowk) after 1600 hours while no heavy vehicle will be permitted after 1500 hours.
From Qazigund light motor vehicles shall be permitted to move towards Jammu only between 0800 hours to 1500 hours while heavy vehicles shall be permitted only between 0830 hours to 1400 hours. However, the movement of fruit laden heavy vehicles only shall be allowed upto 1500 hours. RK