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The Ummat e Islami Jammu Kashmir Chairman and Mirwaiz south Kashmir, Qazi Ahmed Yasir Wednesday said that the raising of Sarjan Barkati’s slogans in the assembly was only theatrics and roadshows to sell their (politicians) own products.

“The lawmakers were only playing politics by using tactics of Barkati while they don’t even believe in a single slogan or word they say in the assembly,” he said.

Qazi Yasir also criticized Hurriyat leaders saying, “Barkati became pioneer of the 2016 uprising and an idol of youth but ironically like many others in jails, he has also been forgotten by everyone, including the leaders of movement. Mirwaiz rebuked the carelessness of the Hurriyat leadership.”

Moulana Barkati was re-arrested immediately after court quashed his Public Safety Act (PSA). RK