Srinagar:02December 2017)// Issuing domicile certificates to West Pakistan Refugees, court orders regarding the sovereignty of Jammu Kashmir and allowing outside Jammu Kashmir banks to confiscate and hold properties in Jammu Kashmir are issue of life and death for our national life and no Kashmiri can afford to sit silent on these issues. So-called rulers have incarcerated thousands of young and old in the name of democracy which is highly condemnable. This was stated by various leaders while addressing the participants of a joint protest sit-in at Abi Guzar Srinagar today. Besides scores of people, this protest called by the resistance leadership was attended by various leaders from APHC (G), APHC (M) and Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front including engineer Ghulama Rasool Dar Eidi, Muhammad Yasin Butt, Zahoor Ahmad Butt, Sheikh Abdul Rashid, Sirajuddin Mir, Mohammad Siddique Shah from JKLF , Raja Meraj Uddin Kalwal, Mukhtar Ahmad Sofi, Imtiaz Haider, Omar Adil Dar ,Rameez Raja, and Javed Gazi Baba from Hurriyat (G) and Khalil Mohammad Khalil , Mushtaq Ahmad Sofi, Abdul Rashid Untoo, Farooq Ahmed Sodagar, Jaffar Kashmiri, Advocate Sheikh Yasir, and Pir Abdul Rashid from Hurriyat (M). The participants of the rally chanting slogans in favor of freedom, martyrs and unity and against conspiracies to change demography of Jammu Kashmir and ill treatment of Kashmiri inmates in jails and police stations started marching towards Lal Chowk from Abiguzar but as they reached near press enclave police and forces in large numbers laid barricades before them and halted their march. On the occasion participants of the rally sat down on the road and started a protest sit-in there. Various leaders from united resistance leadership addressed the participants and media on the occasion. In their address leaders said that recent orders of so-called state rulers to issue domicile certificates to West Pakistan refugees is actually the part of conspiracy to hurt and compromise the state subject status of Jammu Kashmir and hence change the demography of this land. Resistance leaders said that that someday Indian Supreme Court is delivering its verdicts that Kashmiris are citizens of India and that Jammu Kashmir has no vestige of sovereignty outside the constitution of India and is allowing Indian banks to confiscate and hold prosperities in Jammu Kashmir and some other day orders of domicile to outsiders are issued. Resistance leaders said that this ploy to change the demography of Jammu Kashmir and turn its Muslim majority status into a minority is a ploy to strengthen the illegal occupation of India and no Kashmiri can think of remaining silent on these issues as these are the matter of life and death for us. Resistance leaders said that orders of Indian Supreme Court negating the already diluted quasi-sovereign character of Jammu Kashmir and allowing outside banks to hold and confiscate properties in Jammu Kashmir is also part of this conspiratorial plot that is being hatched and executed to hurt the interests of the people of Jammu Kashmir, change its demography and turn its Muslim majority into a minority. Resistance leaders said that these issues are related to the life and death of our national life and no Kashmiri can ever accept these kinds of conspiratorial acts of India and its Kashmiri stooges and that our protest and resistance against these conspiratorial acts will continue. Terming the caging down of thousands of young and old Kashmiris and incarcerating them in jails and police stations as ugly face of Indian democracy, Resistance leaders said that thousands have been put behind bars that too under the garb of so-calleddemocr
acy. Leaders said that black laws like PSA are being used to prolong the incarceration periods of these inmates which is highly condemnable. Speakers said that so-called rulers have through their police and forces unleashed an ugly reign of terror against the people of Kashmir but these rulers should bear in mind that their oppressive acts cannot deter Kashmiris from perusing the path of resistance and freedom. The participants of the rally raised slogans in favor of inmates and emphasized on the need of their immediate release.