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Handwara, Jan 01 (KNS): AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Er Rashid Sunday accused India of facilitating innocent killings in Kashmir by avoiding resolution to the 70 year long political dispute.
In a statement issued to KNS, Er Rashid while addressing a large gathering at the funeral ceremony of Abdul Karim Sheikh, a constable of J&K Police at Mawar, who was killed in an encounter between the militants and the security forces, said that Kashmiris have to be like a nation if they want to end their sufferings and added that majority of the J&K Police force comprises of local youth, whose sentiments and aspirations are by no means different than rest of their nation.
Er. Rashid said, “Every Kashmiri whosoever he may be wants his political sentiments and aspirations to be addressed and the local cops can never be snatched from the right of having feelings towards the popular sentiment”.
He appealed United Jihad Counsel (UJC) to understand the compulsions of common police cops and added that UJC needs to keep in mind that about one lac Jawans of J&K Police cannot be left isolated.
He added that while many cops of JKP lost their lives while supporting resistance movement, dozens were terminated from services and UJC should keep in mind that there is always a scope to facilitate in making local cops people friendly.
He said, “No mother whosoever she may be would ever wish to get coffins of her beloved one. Those officials paying tributes to soldiers and cops have every right to do so but must understand that it makes no difference to the families, wives, mothers and kids of the deceased personnel as there can be no substitute to human lives. It is high time for all the stake holders to give up arrogance and stop humanity from bleeding by resolving the dispute”. (KNS)