With Asia TV Kashmir gets its first TV Android App


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Srinagar : Mobile technology, which is common in other parts of the country, is also witnessing many innovative and novel developments in Kashmir. Mobile services were started in the Valley only in 2003. But now the region is getting its own Mobile Tv Station, courtesy Tariq Bhat , a young man with a degree in mass communications.

Initially Tariq Bhat had ventured into the unknown territory of internet in the tear of 2014 and started the state’s first online radio app – City FM JK — complete with a catchline Panun Radio, Panun Style (Our Radio, Our style) to make sure people get the message that this is FM with local flavor, which saw him getting many accolades and won him the spot light in national and international media.

The app can be downloaded free from  Google Play store. So far it has been downloaded over 79,000 times.

Asia TV is currently being manned by a small team of 8 members and has already made a name for itself in and outside Kashmir. The MOBILE  TV  station operates from Srinagar city, the summer capital of J&K, and is transmitting programs in Kashmiri, English, Hindi and Urdu languages.

Talking about his Andriod TV, to Muslimmirror.com, Tariq Bhat said that his TV was aimed at local audience as he was not fully aware about the reach of internet. “Within days we got calls from international audience and the citizens of the state living abroad. Today he says he is competing only with himself to increase the quality and variety of his programs and also to broaden his reach in order to reach the wide majority of viewers across the globe.

Today, the MOBILE TV has its Viewers  in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Canada, UAE, Russia, and USA. “Most of them are the Kashimiris living in these countries,” said Tariq Bhat.

Though his MOBILE TV has found takers, Bhat  says he could have done much better with some help from the state government, which does not support people at an entrepreneurship level.

Mr. Tariq Bhat  has often been presented as an ideal example for the Kashmiri youth. Taking note of his achievements in the field of society and media he had become talk of the town not so long ago when various national and international media channels including BBC, DNN, ANI and Doordarshan aired a short documentary on him.

Members of civil society, political leaders and bureaucrats have appreciated the initiative of Mr. Tariq Bhat, Chairperson of the channel Asia News Network.He was presented as an example of Kashmiri youth for obtaining peace and stability in the valley.The government despite recent assertions, has failed to meet its own promises. It has in fact been reverting back to the traditional Indian polity, the notion of “Promise To Forget”.

First mobile TV from the state of Jammu And Kashmir. Asia News Network International is the one of its kind which has got the variety of multi-lingual programs and songs, including News, Current Affairs and Entertainment Programs. The TV app provides the listener with the record option by which they can record and listen their favorite programs later by recording it on the app itself.