Asian news Network
Shouib hafiz

Members of civil society, political leaders and bureaucrats appreciate the initiative of Mr. Tariq Bhat, Chairman of the channel Asia News Network.

First Mobile TV Channel Asia News Network, of J&K has been launched in the valley on trial basis yesterday by the Chairman of the Company Mr. Tariq Bhat and can be viewed from across the globe on the mobile phone. The initiative being one of its kind and has gathered accolades from across the globe and has highlighted the name of valley throughout the world. Mr. Tariq Bhat, Chairman of the Channel has stated that the channel is a part of digital world which emphasizes on bringing the whole world within the reach of the common man. This dream project of DIGITAL MOBILE TV NETWORK has been realized by the famous media and social personality Mr. Tariq Bhat who has also been in the headlines for launching first of a kind internet based radio channel namely CITYFMJK.

This channel has raised the hopes of the young entrepreneurs of the valley and presented an example that if the young generation is encouraged and supported they can achieve and accomplish the arduous of tasks very easily. Mr. Tariq Bhat, who is already running an internet based radio that has a wide logon listener-ship from across the globe and is very famous among the Kashmiri’s living or working abroad and has now started the internet based TV Channel, but the sad thing is that he has not received any sort of help from the government so far when the government is making promises of sponsoring and helping youth but all the Governments have done is to leave the youth stranded with hollow promises and lot to ponder upon in the times when all they see is darkness and hopelessness around them with no apparent sources of livelihood available to them and with various vices of the society on rise, the youth are struggling to keep their morals high and unwavering. Further the youth of the valley has become targets of labeling by various agencies for gaining their mileage but none has so far come out to address the difficulties faced by the valley youth.

Mr. Tariq Bhat has been presented as an example for the youth and taking note of his achievements in the field of society and media he had become talk of the town not so long ago when various national and international media channels including BBC, DNN, ANI and Doordarshan aired a short documentary on Mr. Tariq Bhat and presented him as an example for obtaining peace and stability in the valley but the government despite promises failed meet its own promises reverting back to the traditional Indian polity notion of “Promise To Forget”.