Saudi Arabia’s Sharia Court Introduces 10 Years Jail Term for Anyone Who Celebrates Christmas


The Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is globally known for its human rights atrocities—and the fact that despite constantly stoning, cutting of fingers and even beheading people for what would not be considered as crimes in most part of the world, the country remains a good friend of United States.
Not long ago, A British grandfather was given 350 lashes after serving a 12 months jail term and then sentenced to death —for the crime of making a home wine.
A 17 year old boy-Ali Mohammed Al-Nimr is currently waiting to be beheaded for taking part in a demonstration.
Now, it has emerged that the Kingdom has introduced 10 year jail term for anyone who celebrates Christmas within its jurisdiction.
Singing a Christmas carol or playing any will fetch you 1000 lashes—so would just wishing a friend or a family Merry Christmas, even if you are heard doing so on the phone.
Amnesty International has as usual condemn this, saying, it amounts to gross human rights violation.
But considering the fact that Saudi Arabic, despite its numerous human rights violations continues to be America’s good friend—they are not bothered about any sort of condemnation.
Human Rights Watch has called the Christmas ban insane and ridiculous; but then these two words are synonymous to Saudi Arabia—so that’s nothing new..

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  1. What one country dose is non of another’s business . One country dose not have the right to tell another what to do . Amnesty International can fuck themselves , Someone one should give Amnesty International a few million lashes and then kill them for not minding their own business .


    Abu, totally agree with you. We Christians should be delighted that you Muslims are killing each other. I drink a beer every time I hear you kill each other, or cut each others hands off.

    Keep worshipping ‘Mohamad the devil’s son’ (Piss Be On Him).


  3. thats wawhy Saudi-Arabia is sending bombs and troops to Jemen, just out of respect to a neighbour country. Thanks Abu. Great Idea.

  4. I think this is not true and if it is by any means then they shud be left alone as it is within their country. Lets consider America legalising Gay n Lesbanism and place ban on polygyny….isn’t that violation to human rights as well? Why always Islam or Muslims???? Anyway God is watching.

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